You will never be bored at Temple. 在日常生活中, you can choose from an eclectic array of cultural, athletic and social activities, such as student-run clubs, community-service projects, athletic events and musical performances.

These activities aren't simply time fillers. They're also opportunities to meet fellow students and expand your personal and professional networks. 


艺术 and 文化 are alive at Temple. Nearly every day brings theater and dance performances, 音乐会, art exhibits and visiting lecturers. And that's just on campus. Thanks to our location in 费城, you also have easy access to the city’s world-class museums, art galleries and performing arts venues. Learn more about arts and 文化 at Temple

俱乐部 and 组织 

Temple is home to hundreds of student-run clubs and organizations covering a wide variety of personal and professional interests. Each gives you the chance to become involved in campus life and connect with students who have similar interests. Learn more about Temple's clubs and organizations.


"Variety" is the best word to describe the housing and dining options available at Temple. We offer nine residence halls, various living arrangements and numerous dining options and meal plans from which to choose. Learn more about housing and dining


Your college experience includes more than just academics. When not in class or hitting the books, be sure to take advantage of our impressive selection of health, fitness and recreation options, including world-class gyms and a comprehensive student health center. Learn more about health and wellness.


When you come to Temple, you also come to 费城—one of the nation's most diverse and vibrant cities. 在这里, you’ll find a hotbed of nightlife, 文化, entertainment and cuisine, just minutes from campus. Learn more about city life.

可持续性 and 安全 

The protection of our students and our environment is of utmost importance to Temple. That is why we place such an emphasis on student safety and lessening the university’s impact on the community in which we live. Learn more about sustainability and safety at Temple.