For this Temple alumnus, 每天都需要全场紧逼——正是那种快节奏, no-break environment in which he thrives.

Douglas Ammon, KLN  ’15他负责NBA的实时社交媒体策略. 但就在不久以前,他还是个准猫头鹰, 攻读硕士学位和职业激情仍处于初级阶段.

“不用去开云体育,拿到新闻学硕士学位, I would have a totally different career path,” Ammon said. 

“I wouldn’t be where I am without it.”

A Temple Tip-off

阿蒙的职业生涯始于克莱因媒体与传播学院, 他在入门课程中崭露头角,并发现了自己作为体育作家的声音. 

阿蒙最初被坦普尔吸引,是因为希望在费城获得实践经验, the nation’s fourth-largest media market. 他充分利用了这一优势,在费城联盟队和76人队获得了实习机会.

He also had other Owls in his family—his father, 母亲和叔叔都获得了比斯利法学院的学位, 公共卫生学院和路易斯卡茨医学院, respectively.

Picture of Doug Ammon ’15

Doug Ammon ’15

Klein College of Media and Communication

“坦普尔为我安排了第一次体育新闻实习, doing digital media for the Philadelphia Union, which was a fantastic experience. 把我在坦普尔学到的东西,并在现实世界中付诸实践,这让我更加坚定了这就是我想做的事情.”

A Passion for Persevering

There are 9-to-5 workdays. And then there are Doug Ammon workdays.

当时他是NBA数字和社交内容发布经理, Ammon clocked in at around 5 or 6 p.m., just as most people are leaving the office. 他直到西海岸的NBA比赛结束才打卡下班,通常是凌晨2点或3点.m. In between, Ammon says, it was “organized chaos.” 

He wouldn’t have had it any other way.

“When you get into the sports media business,” Ammon said, “你进入它的时候,就会明白你不会过上正常的生活.”

Committed to Conquering Content

Ammon and his team, 谁在锡考克斯的内容指挥中心工作, New Jersey, watched each game’s broadcast unfold, identifying any potential highlights, from massive dunks to in-arena fan moments. From there, copy was crafted and funneled to Ammon, 是谁立即决定了该如何向NBA的1亿粉丝推广这一广告. 

Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, YouTube and, more recently, even TikTok—Ammon made use of them all.

“You will know quickly when a mistake is made. Fans on social media are ruthless. 但做一些在社交媒体上广受欢迎的事情——制作一篇内容——也会带来即时的满足感, seeing it go up and immediately seeing 100,000–200,000 likes and 5 million views.”

With the NBA draft, NBA training camps, the WNBA and more, 阿蒙和他的球队真的没有休赛期.


Temple’s 30 Under 30

30位30岁以下青年奖励计划表彰那些打破现状,为开云体育所有人创造更美好明天的开创性年轻校友. 开云体育关注引领潮流的杰出猫头鹰, problem-solvers and innovators, including Doug Ammon.

Preparing the Next Generation of Professionals

A Temple education is career-focused. 在课堂上与真实世界的客户打交道, 向领先的行业专家学习,并在费城各地获得实习和其他机会, 所有学生都有机会获得重要的专业经验,并开发必要的工具来追求他们的激情转向职业.